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Great Edo of Nippon

Southern Island Hideaway

News from Granzella

Just as the town of Edo was starting its Bon Festival, the Mononoke invaded! Their leader was a giant so big, I could hardly believe my eyes...

Hop on an blue whale and take a trip through the ocean. Come spend a moment in this peaceful paradise.

Granzella's Silent Night 2013 begins Wednesday, December 4th. While the event lasts, a massive, illuminated holiday tree stands in the center of Granzella Plaza in Twilight Lounge. As the powder snow falls, you're invited to come join a fantastic holiday world.

From a huge loft right next to the cable car tracks, it's time to begin your new life in San Francisco. Come and bring your style to the City by the Bay!

Hit the city in style! Time to head out...don't forget your hat!

This man-made island was abandoned at sea several decades ago...
But on top of the ruins of old, Granzella's Hub Lounge has emerged! So, what are you waiting for? Come join us in the world of Granzella!

In Everyone's Picture on the Beach you can take pictures of people posing racily in swimsuits.

Watch a personal watercraft race while overlooking the perimeter of the island. You can observe the suspicious ruins of a shipwreck as well.

At the bath house there is mixed bathing??
Even socializing naked is a common practice among the people of Edo.

Explore the striking beauty under the sea. Have you found any treasure yet?